About Us

Mobile Saver Plus is your gadgets’ go-to repair center. We believe that every device needs to be rehabilitated before you decide to pull the plug and send it to the scrap heap. So, whatever accident your electronic device has figured in, get a free diagnosis from us. Our highly skilled technicians will meticulously work on them to extend their life cycle and give you more quality time together.

Why Choose Us?

Repair done right

Only well-trained and highly-skilled technicians handle and repair your devices. You can always be certain our repairs are DONE RIGHT.


Our prices are very affordable. We give more value for the money each customer spends by having lifetime parts warranty.


We use ONLY quality parts with experienced technicians for your device service.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to our customers — treating each case with precision and utmost care. You can be assured that we will do our best to give your devices a new lease on life.

  • Free Device Diagnosis
    We give an accurate analysis of your device’s problems and a fair cost estimate free-of-charge, so you can decide properly.
  • Repair Done Right
    Our staff are properly equipped and trained, and adheres to proper repair procedures for a done right repair.
  • Quality Parts
    We only use the best parts as replacement to ensure your device works smoothly and extend its life cycle.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Parts
    We back up our claim and commitment with a Lifetime Warranty on every part we replace.
  • Value for Money
    Our parts and repairs are always affordable and cost-effective. We will never overcharge nor take advantage.
  • 100% Locally Owned
    Our company is fully owned by one of your own.